Girl in the wind, oil/canvas, 40cm/ 30cm.

oil/canvas 140 cm/200 cm

oil/canvas 240cm / 300cm

oil/canvas 140cm / 200cm. Work in the collection of WTC Company, Bucuresti, RO.

oil/photographic paper, 20cm / 30cm

oil/photographic paper, 20cm / 30cm

oil / canvas 100cm / 70cm. Work in the collection of Cluj Napoca Art Museum

oil / canvas 100cm / 70cm

oil / canvas 50cm / 70cm

oil / canvas 50cm / 70cm, Work in the collection ofCluj-Napoca, Mariana Berinde Art Gallery

oil / canvas 70cm / 100cm

painting and installation, French Cultural Centre, Cluj-Napoca 2006

painting and plastic foil, International Exhibition FOG Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, 2011

oil/canvas, 160cm/200cm. Work in the collection of Art Center Bacau, RO.

Oil/canvas, 160cm/200cm. Work in the collection of the Museum of Art, Bacau, RO.

oil on plywood panel, 60cm/90cm. Work in private collection, Germany.

Landscape with Church

Landscape with plum trees.


Wind blowing.